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Shanghai Rongding Food Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Rongding Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is the manufacturing base of Japan Zhize Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. Its Established in 2001, mainly produces the famous Japanese baking equipment ---- lava oven (oven made with volcanic lava). The company has strong economic strength and excellent production technology as well as has the famous Japanese technicians of lava oven; we insist the purpose of the customer prestige first, quality first. The company has won the praise of consumers and its products are exported to Japan.

There are lava oven, lava pizza oven and lava wood pizza oven in the company, which bake bread and pizza with the natural lava stone. Its charm lies in the unique mellow flavor so that has a lingering good taste and good to the last piece. The crisp of the baked bread is soft in the inner layer and is elastic. Especially the Italy pizza on heating stone with the wood burning gradually, burning along with fruits, firewood crackling in the delicious aroma of baking pizza overflowing. It’s really a visual, hearing and smell the triple enjoyment. The way of novel and romantic baking, which made the pizza with fruit aroma and the thin crispy base bring us back to the ancient civilization.
Anther feature of our company:
      Manufacture the special customized processing oven according to the location of the customer, the surrounding environment and the size of the store.
The delicious food needs the special equipment to make. And the lava stone oven series are brand ovens to help you making the delicious food.
Suzuki Zhengming

    Suzuki Zhengming has over 30 years experience in stone oven manufacturing industry, and has a good reputation in Japan. He has been working in our company for 25 years and is a very professional stone oven maker.
    Since established the new lava oven production sites in Shanghai, Suzuki has leading a number of the excellent technical staffs personally and studying with them to develop the new products. He is hoping to provide more delicious baked stone oven for the customers.
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