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      The bread is baked in the wood-burning bread toaster that is made by stone system after the stone-ground flour is mixed manually and then upon natural fermentation, coming out the original smell. Such bread made through this way is scare, now people like to go back to the nature. However, our lava furnace could recover the baked food’s original simplicity, retaining its original flavor. Its main material is slag stone, which has good effects on baking food:

  1. After being heated, the slag stone will release a lot of far infrared, which could transmit the heat to the bread core, so the dryness could be effectively avoided and the water content required when the food is baked.
  2. Multi-hole constructed natural lava has extremely strong ability to preserve.
  3. The elements contained in the lava have effects of deodorizing, reefing and fungi prevention. It can eliminate the smelly odor, making the baked food have unique fermentation fragrance.
  4. They could extract the trace metal and mineral substances, which are necessary to the human body.

A 、 Characters of the Lava

  1. for lava forms the suddenly cooled molten magma, it will contain many similar small bubbles like pumice, and these small bubbles have very good heat storage capacity.
  2. After being heated, it will release far infrared specific wavelength electromagnetic wave, which has distinctive capacity to be absorbed by the baked food.
  3. The black slag stone contains above 10% changing metallic oxides such as Fe 、 Cr、 CU and Ti.

B 、 The lava furnace is designed according to the characteristics of the lava, its simple external appearance, drop-down black riveting type furnace door harmonies with the large glass window, refining tile and color matching gracefully, the space is larger, more spacious than the oven of the similar specification, the operation is more convenient. The oven can be stacked up in multi-layer, with independent electric manual temperature control, baking time setting and displaying, time presetting in each layer, and some prominent functions like sending out alarm through buzzer. The internal structure adopts high-quality stainless steel material and key part adopts import element, making the quality more stable. 25mm thick lava furnace board has good heat preservation ability, the temperature is even. The super particle steaming system is set inside; its performance is further improved according to any required spouting.


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